AutoCAD  Civil 3D Fundamentals

AutoCAD Civil 3D Fundamentals

Training Duration: 3 days

Course Content:

Chapter 1: The Interface
Product Overview
AutoCAD Civil 3D Workspaces
AutoCAD Civil 3D User Interface
AutoCAD Civil 3D Toolspace
AutoCAD Civil 3D Panorama
AutoCAD Civil 3D Templates, Settings and Styles

Chapter 2: Project Management
AutoCAD Civil 3D Projects
Sharing Data
Using Data Shortcuts for
Project Management

Chapter 3: Parcels
Lines and Curves
Introduction to Parcels Creating and Editing Parcels by
Layout Overview 
Creating and Editing Parcels 
Renumbering Parcels 
Parcel Reports 
Parcel Labels 
Parcel Tables

Chapter 4: Survey Survey Workflow Overview
Survey Figures
Points Overview
Point Settings
Creating Points
Description Key Sets
Importing Survey Data
Point Groups
Reviewing and Editing Points
Point Reports

Chapter 5: Surfaces
Surface Process
Surface Properties
Contour Data
Other Surface Data
Breaklines and Boundaries
Surface Editing
Surface Analysis Tools
Surface Labels
Surface Volume Calculations
Surface Analysis Display
Point Cloud Surface Extraction

Chapter 6: Alignments
Roadway Design Overview
AutoCAD Civil 3D Sites
Introduction to Alignments
Alignments Layout Tools
Alignment Properties
Labels and Tables