Inventor fundamentals

Inventor Fundamentals

Training Duration: 3 days

Course Content
  1. Creating Projects
  2. Understanding The User Interface
  3. Uderstanding Inventor Templates (.ipt, .iam, .idw, .ipn)
  4. Understanding Sketch Constains
  5. Dynamic Input and Sketch Dimensioning
  6. Creating solid models (Revolve, extrude, sweep, loft)
  7. Working with iproperties to asign material and get mass, volumes and center of gravity
  8. Working with Projected Geometry
  9. Editing base sketches and models
  10. Understanding work planes, work axis, work points
  11. Working with parameters
  12. Display options (Visibily, feature supression and section views)
  13. Further modelling tools ( rectangular patterns, circular pattens, mirror features)
  14. Creating Assembly files
  15. Understanding Assembly Constrains
  16. Moving and rotating components
  17. Component Visibility, Enabling Components, Isolating Components, Section views, Design views,
  18. Checking your assembly using the inspect tools
  19. Understanding the Bill of materials
  20. Replacing Components
  21. Grounding Components
  22. Placing components from the library
  23. Restructuring the assembly
  24. Creating Presentation files (Exploded Views)
  25. Basic animations
  26. Creating working drawings
  27. Bringing drawing from parts and assembly files
  28. Generating Elevations, sections and details
  29. Creating parts lists
  30. Annotating your drawing
  31. Creating parts list and tables
  32. Adding balloons, individually and globally
  33. Understanding view orientations
  34. Creating and Editing drawing Sheets
  35. Creating hole and thread notes
  36. Project